Internship in Sales and Marketing 


  • Have enthusiasm and passion to work in start-up atmosphere.
  • Have entrepreneurial mind-set.
  • Highly proficient in English, both written and verbal
  • Have good understanding of Education sector.
  • Good presentation Skills
  • Must have own vehicle – Scooty/Bike
  • MBA, BBM, B.Com  students
Joining Date: At the earliest
Duration: Minimum 2 months
Location: Bangalore

Working hours: 9am to 6pm


  • Setup strategies to pitch the product in the market in an efficient manner.
  • Visit different schools and colleges, interact with authorities and tell about the product.
  • Setup/schedule meetings


  • Certificate
  • Might get PPO if work is good
  • On-site experience which you can never get in a MNC.
  • Get start-up experience.
  • Compensation on the basis of performance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Telephone Bill reimbursement
Application Procedure:



In case of any queries please feel free to call at 9743083301 or email at

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