Impact story of Jaswinder Singh 

Impact story of Jaswinder SinghI come from a family of Doctors. When I was born, it was naturally assumed by one and all that I will enter the family profession and become a doctor. Unfortunately, I had no such inclination as I was not interested in science subjects at all. More over Chemistry always gave me the creeps.

When I made known to my family my intentions of not opting for medicine, there was a huge uproar. My parents were very upset and so were the various Doctor relatives of mine. It was as if I had deprived them of some joy.

I was asked what I wanted to do and honestly, I had no idea. All I knew was that I did not want to study medicine. Other than that, I was undecided. It took some time for my parents to accept this decision but to be fair to them, they did not pressurize me too much. But at the same time they were worried.

While all this was going on, my dad happened to meet a career counselor associated with Career Breeder. She advised my dad to get me to their office.

Both my parents accompanied me to the office of Career Breeder. Dad introduced me to the counselor whom he had met. She asked me a few questions and then asked me to take a test. It was called a Psychometric Test and was intended to find out where my interests lay and what my skill set were. I took the test. It was not a very difficult test. I had to answer lots of questions about myself and I was a little relieved when it got over.

After that I met the counselor again. She said she is going to interpret the result of the test and accordingly suggest what I should take up. After a small wait, she asked me some further questions and to my surprise showed me a side of me that I never thought existed. She opened up a whole new range of career options. After discussing with my parents, I decided to take up commerce as the long range plan was to do Chartered Accountancy and become a CA.

The best college for commerce in my city was also suggested by Career Breeder. I am right now pursuing my studies and am very happy that I had gone to Career Breeder for proper guidance.


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