Impact Story of Ajay Sharma 

Impact story of Ajay SharmaI grew up in a small town in Madhya Pradesh. My early education had been in a government school. I was not aware of the career options available to me. Engineering, medicine or CA were the options that my parents knew about and as such these were the options that I was told to choose from.

After my 10th Grade Board Exams, I had taken Science as my main subject, thinking I would do Engineering. But I realised that I was not able to cope with the science subjects and scored very low in the 12th grade exams. This meant that I could not get into Engineering. I was very disappointed and did not know what to do. My parents were not so rich that they could afford to pay for a donation seat. I was at a crossroads and did not know which road to take.

It was at this point in my life, when I was not sure what to do, that I happened to meet a person who was associated with Career Breeder and he took me to their office. Once there, I was asked to take a test which they called Psychometric Test. I had no idea what this test was and was very hesitant to take it. But the person in-charge assured me that it was a simple test to assess me and my strengths. I agreed to take the test. This included answering a lot of questions about me. After the test got over I was taken to another person who introduced himself as the career counsellor. He carefully went thru the test that I had taken and began asking me certain questions and encouraged me to talk about where my interests lie. He said he was actually interpreting the answers that I had written in the test.

After a discussion which lasted for almost two hours, I was astounded by what I learned that day. Not only did I not want to become an engineer, I was not having the necessary skills and strengths too. My strengths were in the field of writing. I had the potential in me to become a writer.

The counsellor had opened up a whole new world for me and all I had to do was make a decision. I made a decision that day that I think was the best decision of my life. I decided to study journalism. Again Career Breeder came to my rescue. This time they suggested what course I can take and which college offers that course. I took their suggestion and now I am studying journalism in the best college offering the course and am enjoying every moment of my study. I look forward to a very fulfilling and joyful career ahead and all this is thanks to Career Breeder.


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