How do you express what you feel 

Expressing oneself can be difficult for many people. While for some it may come naturally, not all can freely express their feelings. Bottling up what you feel can have serious repercussions on your health and behaviour. When you are able to express yourself, you are being in touch with your feelings. But not expressing yourself can make you lose touch with your feelings and the tension that you will carry inside you if you do not express your feelings can come out in anger bursts in times and places which can be very embarrassing and / or inappropriate.


There are many reasons why a person cannot express himself / herself.  Some of them can be –


  1. They might think that they will get into conflict situation with close friends and / or family by expressing themselves. They have a belief that when you have a good relationship, you should not have any conflict.
  2. They may be afraid of showing their weaker side to the people around them. They feel that by expressing what they feel, they are portraying a feeling of anger, jealousy, irritability, etc. They don’t want to be seen doing that.
  3. They are scared that they will be rejected and then they will be left alone. They also feel that their actions will be disapproved and thereby result in friends leaving them and going. They would rather keep their feelings to themselves than express them freely.
  4. They may have a feeling of hopelessness. They feel that no matter what they say or do, the situation is not going to change or improve. They may also feel that they have done all that could do.
  5. They may suffer from low self-esteem. They have a notion that they do not have a right to express themselves and that they should always listen to other people and try to meet their expectations.
  6. They have a notion that people around them should be able to read their minds and know how they are feeling.


There are many ways in which you can express their feelings


  1. You can write down what you feel – You can keep a diary and / or journal to write down what you feel. Also, some people write stories and poems to give vent to their expression. You can get creative.
  2. You can play a sport – Involve yourself in a sport activity. This way you can express your feelings in a physical way. You can shout / scream / yell on the ground. You can share with your playing partners what you feel. This way you can use your mental and physical energies.
  3. You can get artistic – For those of you who are artistically inclined, drawing / colouring / painting can be a meaningful way of expressing yourself  . You can experiment with different colours and styles.
  4. You can Dance – Dancing is a great way to express what you feel. You don’t have to be a great dancer. Just put some music and dance away.
  5. You can be a musician – Musicians play one or more instruments in bands or like solo artists with pianos or guitars, getting their instruments from sites as Music Critic and others. Singers sing musical arrangements.


It is always better to learn how to express yourself. This can go a long way in changing your attitude and behaviour towards all around you. And it is not a very difficult thing. You just need to make up your mind.


You need to make some time for yourself alone to analyse and reflect upon your feelings. It’s very important. If you can express what you feel, you will be able to make better judgements about what is good for you and what is not good for you.

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  1. Rakshith says:

    Very Good Article. Very Useful.

  2. Mervin says:

    Even i too do the same. I just put on music and dance and express my feelings through it. Got some more ways in this article. Thanks Career Breeder.

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