Public Works Equipment Operators 

Public works maintenance equipment operators operate garbage trucks, street-cleaning equipment, snowploughs, sewer maintenance equipment, sanding/oiling trucks, and other maintenance equipment.

Work: Public works maintenance equipment operators may perform some or all of the following duties: , Operate garbage trucks to remove garbage and other refuse and dump loads at designated sites; Operate street cleaning equipment such as street sweepers or other vehicles equipped with rotating brushes to remove sand, litter and trash; Operate snowploughs or trucks fitted with plough blades to remove snow from streets, highways, parking lots and similar areas; Operate sewer maintenance equipment such as rodders and sewer jet cleaners to maintain and repair sewer systems; Operate trucks equipped with road sanding and other similar apparatus; Check, lubricate, refuel and clean equipment and report any malfunctions to supervisor.

Title Examples: Garbage Truck Driver, Municipal Maintenance Equipment Operator, Oil Spreader Operator, Road Oiling Truck Driver, Salt Truck Operator, Sand Spreader Operator, Sanitation Truck Driver, Sewer Flushing Truck Operator, Snow Removal Equipment Operator, Street Sweeper Operator

Useful Secondary School subjects: Mechanics, Machine Shop, Physics, English

Degrees associated with this career: High School Diploma, Certificate, Diploma

Requirements: In general, you usually need some high school education. , To be a public works maintenance equipment operator, you usually need experience as a public works labourer. You usually get on-the-job training and may require a driver's licence appropriate to the equipment you are driving. , With experience, you may move up the ranks to become a supervisor. , Many recent entrants have a high school diploma, and almost 1 in 5 has a trade/vocational certificate or community college diploma. , To be a heavy equipment operator, you need a one-to two-year apprenticeship or some high school, college or industry courses in heavy equipment operating combined with on-the-job training. , Heavy equipment operators require trade certification in Quebec. It is available, but voluntary, in Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories. You may require company certification at your place of employment.

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