Forest Technologists and Technicians 

Forestry technologists and technicians work in forestry research, management, harvesting, resources, conservation, and protection.

Work: Forestry technologists and technicians perform some or all of the following duties: , Conduct, supervise and participate in forest inventory cruises, surveys and field measurements following accepted scientific and operational procedures; Assist and perform technical functions in the preparation of forest management and harvest plans using photogrammetric and mapping techniques and computerized information systems; Assist in planning and supervise construction of access routes and forest roads; Implement, supervise and perform technical functions in silvicultural operations involving site preparation, planting, and tending of tree crops; Co-ordinate activities such as timber scaling, forest fire suppression, disease or insect control or pre-commercial thinning of forest stands; Supervise and perform technical functions in forest harvesting operations; Monitor activities of logging companies and contractors and enforce regulations such as those concerning environmental protection, resource utilization, fire safety and accident prevention; Provide forestry education, advice and recommendations to woodlot owners, community organizations and the general public; Develop and maintain computer databases; Supervise forest tree nursery operations; Provide technical support to forestry research programs in areas such as tree improvement, seed orchard operations, insect and disease surveys or experimental forestry and forest engineering research.

Title Examples: Conservation Technician - Forestry, Enforcement Officer - Forestry, Forest Fire Technician, Forest Survey Technician, Forestry Technologist, Scaling Technician - Logging, Silviculture Technician

Useful Secondary School subjects: Sciences, Math, Social Studies, English

Degrees associated with this career: Certificate, Diploma

Requirements: In general, you must have a college or technical institute diploma and specialized training. You usually need certification by a professional organization in your field. , To be a forestry technologist or technician, you usually need a college diploma in a forestry technology, renewable resources or forest ranger program. , Many recent entrants have a trade/vocational certificate or community college diploma, and almost 2 in 5 have an undergraduate university degree.

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