Computer Service Technicians 

Computer service technicians service and repair computers and related equipment.

Work: They inspect and test electronic equipment, components and assemblies using multimeters, circuit testers, oscilloscopes, logic probes and other electronic test instruments, tools and equipment. Further, they diagnose and locate circuit, component and equipment faults, and they adjust, align, replace or repair electronic equipment, assemblies and components following equipment manuals and using soldering tools and other hand and power tools. They also complete work orders, test reports and maintenance reports, and they may supervise other electronic equipment service technicians.

Title Examples: Computer Repair Person, Computer Service Technician, Tech Support, Technical Support

Useful Secondary School subjects: Math, Physics, Industrial Arts (Electronics), English

Degrees associated with this career: High School Diploma, Certificate, Diploma

Requirements: Computer service technicians may find work that involves on-the-job training following completion of high school and a college course in electronics, but completion of two or three years of college or an apprenticeship is typical. , In general, you need a community college or technical school diploma and specialized training. , To be an electrical, instrumentation or electronics engineering technologist or technician, you usually need a college diploma in electrical or electronics technology, computers, instrumentation, telecommunications or the equivalent.

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