Automobile Assemblers 

Motor vehicle assemblers assemble and install prefabricated motor vehicle parts and components to form subassemblies and finished motor vehicles. Motor vehicle inspectors and testers inspect and test parts, subassemblies, accessories and finished products to ensure proper performance and conformity to quality standards.

Work: Read electrical schematics, blueprints and other technical diagrams , Bolt, screw, clip, weld, solder or otherwise fasten motor vehicle parts and components together using hand and power tools and equipment , Operate and tend automated assembling equipment such as robotic and fixed automation equipment , Connect cables, tubes and wires to complete assemblies and installations , Position and install parts, subassemblies and accessories such as engines, transmissions, door panels or instrument panels using hand and power tools and other aids like overhead hoists , Fit and adjust parts such as doors, hoods and trunk lids.

Degrees associated with this career: High School Diploma

Requirements: Completion of secondary school is usually required. , Skills required for occupations in this unit group are normally acquired through on-the-job training.

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