Medical Laboratory Technologists 

Medical laboratory technologists conduct medical laboratory tests, experiments and analyses to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

Work: Medical laboratory technologists perform some or all of the following duties: , Collect blood or other samples and receive tissue samples from patients , Log patient samples and prepare them for testing , Set up medical laboratory equipment , Conduct routine laboratory tests and sample analyses , Clean and maintain medical laboratory and medical laboratory equipment

Title Examples: Clinical Immunology Technician, Cytotechnologist, Histology Technologist, Immunohematology Technologist, Medical Laboratory Technologist

Useful Secondary School subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math

Degrees associated with this career: Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor

Requirements: To be a medical laboratory technician, you must have a high school diploma and on-the-job training, or complete a six- to fourteen-month program for technicians/assistants. , To be a combined laboratory and x-ray technician, you must complete a Combined Laboratory X-Ray Technology Program. , Most recent entrants have a community college diploma, and almost 2 in 5 have an undergraduate university degree.

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