Agricultural Contractors 

Contractors and managers in this unit group operate establishments that provide agricultural services such as livestock and poultry breeding, soil preparation, crop planting, crop spraying, cultivating or harvesting.

Work: Manage businesses which provide an agricultural livestock service such as artificial insemination, spraying or shearing of livestock or disinfecting pens, barns or poultry houses , Manage businesses which provide agricultural crop services such as plowing, irrigating, cultivating, spraying or harvesting , Hire and train workers , Negotiate with farmers and farm managers regarding the services to be provided , Maintain financial and operational records , May participate in the provision of the service or in the operation of machinery and equipment.

Title Examples: Crop Dusting Contractor, Livestock Breeding Service Manager

Degrees associated with this career: High School Diploma, Certificate

Requirements: Several years of experience related to the agricultural service offered are usually required. , Contractors and managers providing certain services, such as artificial insemination and pesticide application, may require training certificates and provincial licensing.

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