Archaeologists study artifacts (objects and structures) to reconstruct past economic, social, political and intellectual life. Archaeology is a field of anthropology; many schools offer archaeology as a specialization of a degree in anthropology. Please see the "Anthropologist" career listing for more details and schools offering these programs.

Aptitude: • Meticulous Attention To Detail, • Written Communication Skills, • Accurate Recording And Reporting Skills, Including Writing, Drawing And Photography Skills, • An Inquisitive Mind, • Ability To Extract And Analise Data, • Presentation Skills, • Good It Skills, • Driving License, • Good Time Management, • Flexibility In Terms Of Location, • Team Working, • Tetanus Vaccination.

Work: Archaeologists study, analyze and conduct research in their respective fields.

Title Examples: Archaeologist, Archeaological Consultant, Archeaological Field Worker, Archeaological Technician, Paleoarcheaologist

Useful Secondary School subjects: English, Sciences, Business, Math

Degrees associated with this career: Bachelor, Master, Doctorate

Requirements: Most recent entrants have an undergraduate university degree or a master's degree. Some may require a master's or doctoral degree in their field of work. , They may require several years' experience in their field of work.

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