Ministers of Religion 

Ministers of religion conduct religious services, administer the rites of a religious faith or denomination, provide spiritual and moral guidance and perform other functions associated with the practice of a religion.

Work: Ministers of religion perform some or all of the following duties: , Conduct religious services; Administer rites of faiths such as marriages and funerals; Provide spiritual and moral guidance to members of a religious faith; Supervise, plan and administer programs of religious education; May participate in humanitarian endeavours, social services and welfare activities; May share in the administrative and financial operation of a religious community; May provide consultation services to government and other organizations.

Title Examples: Bishop, Chaplain, Granthi, Imam, Minister, Pastor, Priest, Rabbi

Useful Secondary School subjects: English, Social Studies (Law), A second language, Keyboarding/Computer-related courses, Family Studies

Degrees associated with this career: Diploma, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate

Requirements: Educational requirements vary, depending on the religion, and range from the completion of a college or other program in religious studies to a master's of divinity degree. , A period of study with a senior minister is usually required. , Progression to senior positions within a religious order is possible with experience.

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