Guest Services Attendants 

This unit group includes workers who carry hotel guests' luggage and escort guests to their rooms, carry travellers' luggage at airports, in railway stations and aboard ships, and clean and maintain public areas and passengers' rooms aboard ships and trains.

Work: Guest service attendants carry luggage for hotel guests, escort incoming guests to their rooms, check rooms to ensure they are in order, offer information regarding features of rooms, services of hotel and points of interest, assist guests with special needs, attend to group arrivals and departures, receive and deliver items and messages for guests, handle guest complaints and requests, and maintain luggage storage areas. , Baggage porters convey travellers' luggage at railway stations and airports by hand or hand truck and arrange for ground transportation. , Ship attendants serve food and beverages, clean cabins, make beds, wash dishes and carry luggage for passengers aboard ships. , Train service attendants set and clear tables in dining cars, clean sleeping cars, maintain washroom supplies and assist passengers as required.

Title Examples: Baggage Porter, Luggage Attendant, Ship Attendant, Train Service Attendant

Degrees associated with this career: High School Diploma

Requirements: Some secondary school education may be required.

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