Forensic Scientists 

Forensic scientists apply science and knowledge of science to solving crimes or in helping with civil or criminal investigations. They may specialize in particular fields, such as medicine or dentistry.

Aptitude: • Logical And Independent Mind., • Meticulous Attention To Detail., • Excellent Written And Oral Communication Skills., • Strong Interpersonal Skills., • Ability To Deal With Stressful And Emotive Situations.

Work: Forensic scientists perform some or all of the following duties: , Examine evidence a crime that might connect a person to that crime; Examine a person's physical remains to determine the reason why they expired in relation to a criminal or civil investigation; Examine documents, firearms or explosives in relation to an investigation; Forensic scientists may present their findings as a document or be required to give testimony at a trial or inquiry.

Degrees associated with this career: Bachelor, Master, Doctorate

Requirements: Though there are some schools offering degrees in forensic science, the Canadian Society of Forensic Science advises that many forensic scientists start off with a degree in a general science program. Once they are hired on by a forensics lab, they then enter a period of nine - 18 months where they are understudies, learning the forensic side of their career. Training continues throughout their careers.

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