Fire Chiefs 

Fire chiefs and senior firefighting officers plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate firefighting operations and fire prevention activities in fire departments.

Work: Develop, implement and evaluate policies and procedures for the operation of a municipal fire department, a district fire region or an industrial firefighting service , Plan, direct and co-ordinate firefighting strategies for fire departments , Evaluate the type of fire, the extent of damage to buildings and the danger to nearby establishments , Direct activities at the scene of a fire, , Determine damage estimates and investigate the potential causes of a fire after extinguished , Develop and oversee the implementation of security and fire prevention campaigns , Represent the fire department in communications with government, the media and the public , Direct the training of personnel in firefighting methods , Co-ordinate and monitor budget and departmental resources.

Title Examples: Deputy Fire Chief, District Fire Chief, Fire Chief

Degrees associated with this career: Diploma

Requirements: Completion of secondary school is required. , Completion of a college program in fire protection technology, fire science or a related field is usually required. , Completion of a provincial or municipal firefighters training course is required. , A minimum of ten years of experience as a firefighter is usually required before becoming eligible for a senior officer position.

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