Property Administrators 

Property administrators negotiate or approve rental or lease of properties, and ensure lease terms are met on behalf of property owners, prepare and administer contracts for property-related services such as maintenance, security services, and alarm systems, co-ordinate / monitor property repairs, tenant service calls, and maintenance, compile and maintain rental revenues / operating expenses, prepare reports, and ensure rents are at market value.

Work: Hiring and supervising rental agents, property clerks, building superintendents or other support staff.

Title Examples: Accomodation Officer, Apartment Rental Agent, Property Administrator, Property Rentals Manager

Useful Secondary School subjects: Math, English, Accounting

Degrees associated with this career: Diploma, Bachelor

Requirements: You must have a high school diploma. You may need a training course or vocational program in property management or real estate. You may also need administrative experience as a property clerk, contract clerk or administrative officer. Most recent entrants have an undergraduate university degree.

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