Market Research Analysts 

Marketing researchers and consultants conduct research, formulate policies and manage programs to stimulate industrial and commercial business investment or tourism in urban and rural areas or to promote commercial or industrial products and services.

Aptitude: • Commercial Awareness, • Excellent Analytical Skills, • Organisational Skills, • Interpersonal Skills, • Numerical Skills, • Verbal Communication Skills.

Work: Their duties may require them to: , Develop policies and administer programs to promote business investment in urban/rural areas , Conduct social/economic surveys to assess development potential and future trends, Assess business opportunities and develop strategies to attract venture capital , Respond to questions from members of the business community and the general public concerning development opportunities , Review development proposals and provide advice on procedures/requirements for government approval , Conduct surveys and analyze data on the buying habits/preferences of consumers , Conduct research on marketing for industrial/commercial products , Develop social/economic profiles of urban/rural areas to encourage investment.

Title Examples: Business Development Officer, Economic Development Officer, Market Research Analyst, Market Researcher, Marketing Analyst, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Project Officer

Useful Secondary School subjects: Business, English, Math, Computer-related courses

Degrees associated with this career: Certificate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate

Requirements: The unemployment rate (4%) is close to the 2001 average (5%). , This rate is below the average for professional occupations. , There were 24,000 workers employed in these occupations in 2001, an increase of 3% since 1994. , The percentage of part-time workers is 10% compared to the 2001 average of 18% and has stayed about the same since 1994. , The percentage of self-employed workers is 22% compared to the 2001 average of 16% and has stayed about the same since 1994. , The earlier-than-average retirement age (57) combined with an expected older-than-average age (41) of worker will likely result in an above-average retirement rate to 2007. , The percentage of women is 47% compared to the 2001 average of 46% and has stayed about the same since 1994.

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