Insurance Underwriters 

Insurance underwriters review and evaluate insurance applications to determine insurance risks, insurance premiums and extent of insurance coverage according to company policies.

Work: Review individual and group applications for automobile, fire, health, liability, life, property, marine, aircraft and other insurance , Evaluate new and renewal applications to determine insurance risks, insurance premiums, extent of insurance coverage and other conditions of the insurance contract using medical reports, rate tables and other documents and reference materials; adjust premiums, coverage or risk itself to make acceptance of new and renewal applications possible , Approve sale of insurance policies and ensure compliance with government regulations , Provide recommendations on individual or group insurance plan designs , Provide underwriting advice and answer inquiries from clients and from insurance agents, consultants and other company personnel , Prepare underwriting reports and update insurance forms when necessary.

Title Examples: Group Underwriter, Insurance Underwriter, Liability Underwriter, Property Underwriter

Degrees associated with this career: High School Diploma, Diploma, Bachelor

Requirements: Completion of secondary school and some general insurance experience or a bachelor's degree, college diploma or some post-secondary education is required. , Several years of on-the-job training and completion of insurance industry underwriting courses and training programs are required.

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