School Principals 

School principals organize and direct the activities of teachers/other staff at elementary/high schools.

Work: School principals review programs to ensure provincial/territorial or school board standards are met, make teaching assignments, determine class size, prepare timetables, direct the maintenance/use of school facilities, organize/maintain record-taking procedures as well as prepare/administer the budget.

Title Examples: Assistant Principal, Director, Headmaster, High School Principal, Principal, Private School Headmaster, Private School Principal, School Principal, School Vice-principal, Vice-principal

Useful Secondary School subjects: English (Communication), Business, Computer-related courses, Social Studies

Degrees associated with this career: Bachelor, Master, Doctorate

Requirements: You need a bachelor's degree in education and you may need a master's degree. You also need several years' experience as a senior teacher or department head as well as a teaching certificate from the province/territory where you'll work. , To be a school principal, you may need a principal's certificate. , To be a school administrator, you may need a supervisory officer certificate. , You'll find very little mobility between elementary and high schools. , Most recent entrants have an undergraduate university degree, and almost 3 in 20 have a graduate degree.

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