Insurance Agents 

Insurance agents and brokers sell life, automobile, property, health and other types of insurance to individuals, businesses and public institutions.

Aptitude: • Confidence, • Reliability, • Excellent Time-Management, • Decision-Making, • Analytical, • Interpersonal, • Communication Skills.

Work: Insurance agents perform some or all of the following duties: , Sell automobile, fire, health, life, property, marine, aircraft and other types of insurance to clients; Establish client insurance coverage, calculate premiums and establish method of payment; Provide information concerning group and individual insurance packages, the range of risk coverage, benefits paid and other policy features; Ensure appropriate forms, medical examinations and other policy requirements are completed; Monitor insurance claims and respond to clients' enquiries; Identify and solicit potential clientele.

Title Examples: Insurance Agent, Insurance Broker, Sales Agent - Insurance

Useful Secondary School subjects: Math, Business, English, Computer-related courses, A second language

Degrees associated with this career: High School Diploma, Certificate, Diploma, Post-diploma, Bachelor

Requirements: To be an insurance agent or broker, you usually need to finish high school, on-the-job training, and insurance industry courses/training programs. You may need a licence in the province/territory where you'll be working. , You may also receive professional recognition by completing educational programs through the Insurance Institute of Canada or its provincial counterpart such as Associate of The Insurance Institute of Canada (A.I.I.C.) or Fellow of The Insurance Institute of Canada (F.I.I.C.). , Completion of educational programs through the Canadian Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors allows for various levels of professional designation for insurance and financial advisors. , With experience, you may move up the ranks to become a manager. , Most recent entrants have a community college diploma, and almost 3 in 10 have an undergraduate university degree.

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