Farmers and Farm Managers 

Farmers and farm managers manage the operations of farms, ranches, and orchards. They grow crops and raise/breed farm animals and market farm products.

Work: Farmers and farm managers perform some or all the following duties: , Manage the overall operation of a farm, ranch or orchard; Determine amount and kinds of crops to be grown and livestock to be raised; Plant, cultivate and harvest crops; Raise and breed livestock and poultry; Hire and supervise farm workers; Establish a marketing program; Purchase farm machinery, livestock, seed, feed and other supplies; Maintain farm machinery, equipment and buildings; and Develop and keep financial and production records. , Farmers and farm managers may manage farms specialized in particular crops such as wheat, corn, apples or potatoes or raise particular livestock such as beef or dairy cattle, hogs or chickens.

Title Examples: Apiarist, Chicken Farmer, Dairy Farmer, Farmer, Feedlot Manager, Horse Breeder, Rancher, Seed Grower, Sod Farmer, Vegetable Grower

Useful Secondary School subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Computer-related courses, English

Degrees associated with this career: High School Diploma, Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor

Requirements: These statistics cover the career grouping Contractors, Operators and Supervisors in Agriculture, Horticulture and Aquaculture (825), which includes Farmers and Farm Managers. , According to the Labour Force Survey (2009), 91% of workers in this group were self-employed, while the average for all occupations was 16%. , 86% of workers in this occupation worked full-time, compared to the average of 81% for all occupations. , Women represented 23% of workers in this occupation, compared to the average of 48% for all occupations.

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