Couriers and Messengers 

Couriers pick up messages, letters, parcels, packages, and similar items and hand-deliver them within an establishment or to other establishments by walking or cycling, within a prescribed time period. Messengers keep record of items received / delivered using delivery information acquisition devices, and collect payment when necessary.

Work: People in this group work for courier service companies and other establishments in business / government.

Title Examples: Courier, Delivery Person, Messenger

Useful Secondary School subjects: English, A second language, Math, Social Studies, Computer Basics

Degrees associated with this career: High School Diploma, Certificate

Requirements: You may need a high school diploma. You may need to be eligible for bonding. You usually require navigational skills and the ability to follow directions. Bicycle / foot couriers may need to be physically fit. With experience, you may move into a clerical or delivery driver position in the company, or you could move up the ranks to become a supervisor. Most recent entrants have a high school diploma, and almost 1 in 5 has a trade / vocational certificate or community college diploma.

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