Theatre, Fashion, Exhibit and Other Creative Desi 

Theatre designers conceptualize and produce designs for sets, costumes, and lighting. Fashion designers conceptualize and produce designs for clothing and accessories. Exhibit designers produce designs for museums, trade shows, and retail spaces.

Work: Creative designers conceptualize and produce designs for film, television, theatre and video productions, garments and textiles, displays and exhibits, and for other creative items such as jewellery and trophies.

Title Examples: Clothing Designer, Costume Designer, Couturier, Fashion Designer, Jewellery Designer, Lighting Designer, Museum Exhibit Designer, Set Designer, Shoe Designer, Window Display Designer

Useful Secondary School subjects: Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Computer-related courses, English

Degrees associated with this career: High School Diploma, Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor

Requirements: In general, you usually need a high school diploma. , To be a designer, you usually need a college diploma, university degree or other training program, and a portfolio of work that demonstrates your creative ability. , Most recent entrants have a trade/vocational certificate or community college diploma, and almost 1 in 4 has an undergraduate university degree.

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