Announcers and other broadcasters read the news, sports, weather, and commercial messages, and host entertainment/information programs for broadcast on radio/television. They may specialize in areas such as news, sports, weather or traffic reporting, and present their own material or material prepared by others.

Aptitude: • Strong verbal ability , • Analytical skill strong, • Calm and control

Title Examples: Announcer, Broadcaster, Disc Jockey, Disk Jockey, DJ, News Reader, Newscaster, Radio Host/Hostess, Sports Announcer, Sportscaster

Useful Secondary School subjects: English, French, Drama

Degrees associated with this career: Certificate, Diploma, Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate

Requirements: In general, you need a high school diploma. , You usually have to demonstrate your talent and ability at auditions. , To be an announcer or other broadcaster, you usually need a college radio or television arts diploma and may require training/experience. Announcers need specialized voice training. , Many performers acquire their training under the guidance of another performer. , You may need to be a member of a related guild or union. , Many recent entrants have a community college diploma.

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