Wedding Planners 

Wedding planners organize weddings and handle the booking of venues, caterers, florists, musicians, etc. Their responsibilities include style, coordination and etiquette advice and custom decorating.

Work: Wedding planners help brides and grooms with a variety of subjects, decisions and concerns, including: , Selecting, or designing and fitting bridal attire and accessories; Choosing wedding colour(s) and mood; Selecting and/or arranging flowers; Selecting appropriate music for different parts of the wedding; Selecting invitations/decorations/refreshments; Deciding on the timing and schedule for the ceremony/reception; Calming bridal stresses; Providing help with tradition and etiquette.

Title Examples: Wedding Planner

Degrees associated with this career: High School Diploma, Certificate, Diploma, Post-diploma, Associate, Bachelor

Requirements: Bridal consulting is currently not a career that most current professionals studied in any college or trade school to learn. Most consultants got into the business through related fields, opportunity, etc. Also, unlike many careers, most clients do not seem to be too curious about educational specifics. In general, you will impress them or not based on your talents and knowledge about weddings, not on any diploma or degree. , However, education is always a benefit in business and life in general. In formal schooling, a broad, balanced education with business, communication and liberal arts courses is a good place to start. Any art or fashion courses could be helpful. Cooking/home economics, consumer studies, management/hospitality, and courses are useful too. If you choose to study a more specialized trade, fashion design or merchandising, graphic design, interior design, floral arranging, business accounting or business English, music appreciation and photography would all have possibilities for an aspiring wedding consultant.

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