Video Game Designers 

Video game designers create, design and develop the concepts, stories and structures behind video games.

Work: Video game designers decide the look and feel of the video game and come up with the designs the game will use. They work with level designers to map out the different sections of the video game to create the actual virtual environment in which the game takes place.

Title Examples: Computer Game Designer

Useful Secondary School subjects: Graphic Design, Art, Computer-related courses, English

Degrees associated with this career: Certificate, Diploma, Post-diploma, Associate, Bachelor, Master

Requirements: Requirements for video game designers vary from job to job and company to company. In general, they require some kind of background in computer programming, computer-graphic design or multimedia design studies. They may also be expected to have some skill when it comes to creative storytelling. , These requirements are for graphic designers and illustrating artists in general: , You must have a high school diploma and creative ability as demonstrated by a portfolio of your work.

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