Authors and Writers 

Authors and writers plan, research and write books, scripts, storyboards, plays, essays, speeches, manuals, specifications and other non-journalistic articles for publication or presentation.

Aptitude: • Perseverance, • Excellent Written Communication, • A Good Grasp Of Narrative, • Awareness Of Audience

Work: Novelists, playwrights, script writers, poets and other creative writers conceive and write novels, plays, scripts, poetry and other material for publication or presentation and may conduct research to establish factual content and to obtain other necessary information. , Technical writers analyze material, such as specifications, notes and drawings, and write manuals, user guides and other documents to explain clearly and concisely the installation, operation and maintenance of software and electronic, mechanical and other equipment. , Copywriters study and determine selling features of products and services and write text for advertisements and commercials. , Authors and writers may specialize in a particular subject or type of writing.

Title Examples: Ad Writer, Copywriter, Creative Writer, Editor, Essayist, News Writer, Poet, Technical Writer, Writer

Useful Secondary School subjects: Journalism, English (Composition), Family Studies, Computer-related courses

Degrees associated with this career: High School Diploma, Certificate, Diploma, Post-diploma, Associate, Bachelor

Requirements: People in this occupation have different educational requirements, depending on their specialization. Most recent entrants have a university degree; others have some other post-secondary qualification. Technical writers usually require a university degree in an area of specialization such as computer science or engineering. Copywriters usually require a university degree or college diploma in English, French, marketing or another discipline. Creative writers may take creative writing programs offered by universities and colleges. Most people in this occupation require talent and ability, as demonstrated by a portfolio of work, in order to be hired.

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2 responses to “Authors and Writers”

  1. pranamldr1269 says:

    Is there any scope for creative writing in English?

  2. pranamldr1269 Hi Pranam,
    Creative writing includes both Fictional and non fictional writing including forms as,,, If you have good writing skills, there is a lot of scope over here. There are many creative writers you might already know e.g. Chetan Bhagat, Arundhati Roy etc.

    If you want to choose this as your profession you can go for higher studies in any of these colleges.

    Just be sure your Personality, Aptitude and interest are closely inclined towards it before you choose your profession. You can know it here:
    Feel free to contact us if you have anymore queries.

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