Architects plan and develop designs for the construction/renovation of residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.

Aptitude: Excellent Communication Skills, Both Written And Oral., • High Levels Of Creativity, Imagination And Vision., • A Keen Interest In The Built Environment And The Dedication To See Projects To Their Conclusion., • Willingness To Work Long Hours, Under Time And Budget Pressure., • Excellent Design And Drafting Skills And Proficiency With Computer-Aided Design (Cad)., • Strong Mathematical Skills., • A Keen Eye For The Detail Of Specific Tasks, Combined With An Understanding Of How Such Specifics Fit In With The Project As A Whole., • Organisational, Project Management And Planning Skills, Including The Ability To Juggle Multiple Tasks., • An Analytical Mind With Excellent Problem-Solving Ability., • Leadership Skills As Well As The Ability To Work Well Within A Team Of Other Professionals.

Work: Architects research building codes, by-laws, and zoning, draft plans from others' designs, and build models at the side of a more experienced architect. , Architects usually specialize in a particular type of construction, such as residential, commercial, industrial or institutional. , Other duties may include: , Consulting with clients to determine type, style and purpose of renovations or new construction. , Conceptualize and design buildings and develop plans describing design specifications, building materials, costs and construction schedules. , Prepare sketches and models for clients. , Prepare or supervise the preparation of blueprints for use by contractors and tradespersons. , Supervise activities on construction sites. , Hire and supervise contractors. , Conduct feasibility studies and financial analyses of building projects.

Title Examples: Architect, Landscape, Architectural Draftsperson

Useful Secondary School subjects: Math, Computer-related courses, Drafting, English, Blueprint Reading

Degrees associated with this career: Bachelor, Master, Doctorate

Requirements: In general, you need a university degree. , To be an architect, you must have a professional architecture degree and two years' experience with a registered architect or studies from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada syllabus program, and eight years' experience with a registered architect. You must register with your provincial/territorial association and pass the Architect Regulation examination. In Quebec, you must be a member of the professional corporation for architects. , To be a landscape architect, you need a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture. You may also need a master's degree. You need to finish a two-year internship, and in Ontario and British Columbia you need to write a provincial registration exam. In the remaining provinces, you usually need two years' design experience and an interview to obtain certification with your provincial association.

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