Dileep Pandey 

It was really great time with Career Breeder. Initially, I felt scattered and unsuccessful compared to my peers. In 5 short sessions I achieved my original goal of becoming an internally directed career professional. I never imagined I could figure out what my career goals were but in 5 sessions I narrowed my field down to a single career direction that I′m currently pursuing with enthusiasm. I feel empowered, centered and focused in under 3 months! CB team was amazing at figuring out what was really going on with me at a deeper level and gently guiding me back to what I truly needed to focus on in that moment. Today I′m on the right track, trusting my own internal guidance systems and valuing myself as an emerging career professional. Thank you CB for being amazing at what you do and being such a genuine caring person!
Dileep Pandey
Student (MBBS)

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