• This is what valued customers of Career Indicator says about it.

  • Khalid

    “The Psychometric Analysis used at Career Breeder is absolutely fantastic. And the counselling after the analysis was great. Thank you Career Breeder. I am very happy in my chosen career all thanks to you guys. ”

  • Ajay Lal

    “The system used at Career Breeder is really great. It not only helped me understand myself better it also helped me overcome some of my weaknesses through special sessions with their trainers. Thank you Team Career Breeder.”
    -Ajay Lal

  • Venkatraman

    “I have to thank Career Breeder for opening up a world of opportunities for my son. I used to think that engineering is the only thing for him. But when he took me to Career Breeder and met the experts
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  • Jui Mukherjee

    “I want to share some good news with you. I have just accepted a contract with a company that I always wanted to work with but did not know that I actually had it in me to get selected. Counsellors
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  • John Busco

    “I had just finished my exams and was waiting for the results. My parents were pushing me to write the medical entrance and I did not want to get into Medicine. I was confused as to what I want to
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  • Raj Saxena

    “I had reached a point in my life where I knew what I wanted to do but did not have the knowhow to do it. I met with the counsellor at Career Breeder and never looked back since that day.
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  • Mili Garg

    Fantastic, professional and excellent to work with. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made with the help of CB. It was really a pleasure to talk with CB team. It helped me in choosing my
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  • Dileep Pandey

    It was really great time with Career Breeder. Initially, I felt scattered and unsuccessful compared to my peers. In 5 short sessions I achieved my original goal of becoming an internally directed career professional. I never imagined I could figure
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  • Suma Guruprasad

    Needless to say, I am extremely happy with CB experience and would recommend it to anyone needing the career oriented guidance and and direction through self introspection. they have the expertise to provide buildings in a helpful, professional and timely
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