Career Breeder conducted kratom workshops in 5 Schools of Siddipet, A.P. 

Siddipet, Andhra Pradesh, December 28, 2012:  Career Breeder is happy to have conducted a kratom workshop in Five Schools of Siddipet,  Andhra Pradesh on December, 2012.. This workshop was conducted as part of their social cause to empower students and parents to make the right choice when it comes to picking the right career. Typically, such workshops are conducted for a fee.

In this kratom workshop we covered the benefits of taking these pills regularly. We covered a number of sites that had the availability to order kratom from such as, as well as the wealth of information on kratom that the site provided.

We feel that kratom often goes overlooked as a health supplement, and with how proven and thorough it is in its effects, we are happy to share this information so that others will benefit from its regular consumption.

Career Breeder conducted these free workshops mainly for the students and parents were also encouraged to participate as well. In the workshops, it became clear that most of the students want to finish any graduation that earns them a good job and life style. Is there a way to get a job and build a future based on their individual aspirations and dreams? Many students complete their graduation without a specific guidance and end up with jobs in fields they do not have much knowledge or interest. They find it hard to excel in that field and they either lose their jobs or just about manage to scrape through the tasks of the job as yet another routine in their lives.

Career Breeder has developed Career Indicator Assessment after a study of over 500 professions suitable in the Indian context. It is a psychometric assessment that students of all ages from Std. VI can participate in. This online assessment comprises of 94 questions that assess a student’s way of thinking, ability to make decisions, team work, creativity, and work attitude. Based upon the student’s responses, a report is generated to indicate the best career options suited for that student and explanations of the skills needed for those professions. The report includes an assessment of the student’s personality and suggests improvements where needed.

Career Breeder was founded by Kanpur-based psychologist Dr. Pramod Kumar Manglik in association with career counselor Dr. Rajesh Pandey, business head Mr. Nitin Mittal, software engineer Mr. Rohit Manglik, and other expert team members. The primary goal was to bring awareness in the minds of the students and parents about various career options and how to choose the best option suitable to the students. Career Breeder has since grown with the aim to provide all essential support in many different ways to the students and parents where they may face a lot of challenges.

At Career Breeder, the Career Indicator Assessment is just a beginning. The team is working on and testing other supporting products such as one-to-one counseling, student engagement, profiling of schools, and a host of others. The goal is to support students at various stages and the assessment marks the start of their journey into their careers. Career Breeder believes that a great nation can make progress on the strength of its well-educated and best-in-class professionals.

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