Affiliate Program 

How does this work?

You will be assigned a unique link that you will be able to share with potential clients. Once your referral becomes a CB client and we collect the first payment from the client you get a referral fee.

Visits the CB website Thank You!
Gives any aptitude/career assessment test 50
Avails a resume service 50-250(5% of the fee paid)



Career Breeder is India's leading specialist for career building solutions.Career Breeder unveils the persona hidden within you; Sense the rush of the change in you for the changing scenario.Our efforts will be to act like a catalyst in bringing about that desired change in you by revealing the mammoth potential that rests within you.

Career Breeder is a place where Technology joins hands with professional Career to make you globally successful.

The company is an industry leader in areas of Psychometric Evaluation, Candidate Assessment, 1-to-1 Counseling, Resume/Curriculum Vitae Development, and Career Launcher/Indication.

Do you have a community of professionals or directory of businesses?
Career Breeder can add a “set a meetings” or “send a message” option for every member of your directory. It’s as easy as adding a link and can be part of your own registration process with our API. Contact us for more details at

Do you have any other partnership ideas?
Career Breeder is always open for extending our business through partnerships. If you have an idea – don’t hesitate to contact us.

What if you need to contact Career Breeder affiliate program?
You can always call on +91-8055555248 . You can chat with over customer care executive on our website. You can always fill an online form at .




The Career Breeder Affiliate Program allows you to market and promote the world’s leading career development sources online.

We offer the highest paying affiliate program and best tracking software in our industry. If you have a web site and are interested in making money Career Breeder Affiliate Program is perfect for you. Offers include programs in career building, career planning, hiring based on psychometric assessment, resume building, soft skills development etc.

How does it work:

It works on three simple steps:

1. Place a text link, content or banner on your website, in your institutes/offices/blogs/websites/forums etc.

2. Attract and motivate them to join any of our programs.

3. Earn a fee on every individual joining under your link/promotion. If you own or run a website, Career Breeder gives you a unique chance to earn an additional income through your website with its quick earning affiliate program. All you need to do is display text links/ banners on your website and promote Career Breeder. By adding our text link or banner you provide more reasons for your friends, colleagues and other customers to join our programs. With every registration that comes under your promotion or website you can earn a handsome share.

Come partner with Career Breeder and earn profits from this relationship and get rewarded.





What do you gain?

1) Financial Benefits

2) Earn the coveted "Career Breeder Student Partner" certificate after successful completion of Campus Program.

3) Industrial Experience

4) May get Pre-placement Offer

5) Exposure - Something that goes way beyond any certificate. You get hands on experience with institutional level co-ordination and thereby honey your managerial skills.

6) Royalty - on every career breeder merchandise sold in your institution by you. Not at all a bad deal, isn’t it?

7) Cool gifts and fun gears. Who knows, one fine morning, you might find someone knocking on your door, with a surprise gift from career breeder!!

8)Being a student, you will earn good communication and marketing skills.

9) Needless to say, you stand a good chance of increasing your social and professional network in college! Who are we looking for the program?

Are you a member of a Student Club or Organizing team in your college?

Got good communication skills and Leadership qualities?

Passing out in or after 2013?

You should be always active as an Ambassador. You will have to devote time and skills for being so. Can you?

Can we entrust that, by carrying the brand name of, you will be helping us to take it to more number of students in your college and city?

Got a worthy resume?

Are you ready to volunteer as Career Breeder’s Brand Student Ambassador?

'Yes' for most of them?

Then we are looking for you!!! - Apply for Campus Ambassador Program. What should you have?

Oh!!! The important part, Okay….here we go. Passion, determination, communicating skills… blah blah…

No. All you need is.....your college ID card!!!

Terms and Conditions for Campus Ambassador Program

1. Everyone must respect the privacy of other members. Don’t Spam the threads with unnecessary messages.

2. Don’t post any messages related to your blogs/websites or related to any other websites/blogs. Don’t write any other messages that advertise something else.

3. Don’t open unnecessary threads like Hi, Hello and other introductory messages. We can get to know about each other once we start working. There is no need to spend time on introducing ourselves.

4. This is not a social networking group. This is to help and also get benefited from it. You will get good friends through this but don’t write any personal messages in the group.

5. This is a group of Professionals who carry the Brand name of You are entrusted that you will carry it properly without causing any damage to the fame of

6. One of the benefits as we mentioned is to improve your communication skills. So, use ONLY formal English with Proper spellings, Punctuation and Grammar.

a. Don’t use shortcut words like mum instead of Mumbai, u instead of you, dis instead of this.

b. Don’t use unnecessary spaces and dots in your sentences like – I think… we have to.

c. Don’t use any abusive language. Use completely formal words.

d. Don’t write short sentences or single sentences. Write your views clearly and completely. There are so many people who will have to read them. So, they must understand your intention.

e. Don’t use words like guys and gals, ppl, etc. This is completely a Professional group.

f. Always use addressing when you are writing a message and address it properly. Also, use footer for your message.

g. We are really strict about your language usage.

7. Don’t be in a haste to give your opinions. Review them before you put them in front of other Ambassadors.

8. Always inform us – on what you are going to implement in your college or online for the publicity of careerbreeder.comand proceed ONLY after the approval.




What is the Career Breeder Affiliate Program?

Career Breeder Affiliate Program is a community of students and/or entrepreneurs, who promote Career Breeder and earn a fee while helping others in building up their careers. The Career Breeder Affiliate Program is a great way to earn cash. To earn additional revenue, all you have to do is put our banner on your website. We will give you a percentage of our profits for every sale that we get through your website.

Why should I join and become a Career Breeder Affiliate?

Becoming a Career Breeder Affiliate is easy and free - plus affiliates make money every time they drive a new active user to Career breeder. So in order to monetize your web traffic and to GAIN WITHOUT ANY PAIN you should join the Career Breeder Affiliate Program. JOIN NOW.

How much does it cost for me to join Career Breeder Affiliate Program?

It is absolutely free to Join Career Breeder Affiliate Program.

How can I join the Career Breeder Affiliate Program?

It's very simple. You just have to fill an Online Registration Form and submit it. Our team will screen that form and within 34 hours you will be intimated about our acceptance.

How does the affiliate program work?

We can help you earn handsome share per month on every purchase made on Career breeder through your website.

Simple Program: Fixed revenue share on every purchase made on career breeder through your website/promotion.

Is my web site eligible to join the affiliate program?

Most sites will qualify to participate in the program. Anyone may submit an application, but we do reserve the right to refuse membership to a site or revoke a site's membership at any time if we deem that it contains objectionable material.

Do I need to have a website/blog to join the Career Breeder affiliate program?

No, you don’t need to have a website/blog because you can always opt for physical marketing or campus ambassador program.

Can International webmasters also join the Career Breeder affiliate program?

Definitely!!! Webmasters from any part of the world can join the Career Breeder Affiliate Program. We can pay International webmasters in USD using credit card, wire transfer or PayPal.

How will you know that the order came from my site?

All links from your site to our site contain a unique identifier so that every time a user comes to us via your site, we know whom to credit when a sale happens. Cookies are used to track return visitors therefore insuring that you get the revenue share on every visitor you refer to us. Also an online admin panel would be given to you from where you can track each and every sale.

How can I track my revenue earnings?

We will give you a login Id and a password so that you can have access to 'Your Reports' account and monitor how many sales you have generated and how much you have earned yourself every day.

When and how do I get paid?

Indian Webmasters: At the end of every month, payments are sent by Cheque, Wire transfer, NEFT, Credit Card Payment, DD or PayPal after you've reached the minimum payout of INR 1000, or 30 registrations(Whichever is minimum). If your account balance is less than INR 1000, we'll carry it forward to the next month.

International Webmasters: At the end of every month, we will send you funds via Pay Pal subject to a minimum earned balance of INR 3,000 in your account (unless otherwise agreed to in writing, including electronic mail).

If your account balance is less than INR 3,000, we'll carry it forward to the next month and send you the funds once the balance touches INR 3,000

Are there any charge backs?

Yes, if any ORDER PLACED through your site gets cancelled then your account will be debited for the share on that cancelled order.